News On The FlipSide is a lively, informative and entertaining 4 hour radio program focusing on current news, politics and issues going on in the world today. Co-hosted by Stephanie Bennetti & Joe Montaldo each Saturday night at 6pm Central. We take calls from listeners, have guest commentators and have subject matter experts on from time to time.

About  Joe Montaldo .......

Joes bio... he's hot, brilliant and way too sexy for radio... 

About  Stephanie Bennetti....

I am a Native New Yorker, I live by the beach with my two Golden Retrievers. With over 20 years experience in Media, Marketing, Real Estate, Finance, Banking & Technology, I'm well positioned to discuss a wide array of topics. I have a Marketing degree, studied Psychology and Business Law and I have several Investment Banking credentials.  I have traveled to many other countries for both business and pleasure.  

I have hosted several radio shows previously, in both the variety & paranormal arenas. I currently co-host 'News on The FlipSide' Saturday Night's at 6pm central. Other interests Include: Science, Music, Technology, Photography, Web Site design & the Paranormal. If you'd like to know more, write me.

UPRN 107.7 FM in New Orleans

About News On the FlipSide

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So what makes us different than all these "Politically Correct" radio News shows out there?   

Well, for starters the term Politically Correct is a term that is left wide open for generalization, however, we say what we mean. Don't you want the freedom to voice things you don't like? We do and we are specific.  If it's morally right, then it's right, no matter what the political flavor. If the Politically Correct ideas are incorrect in our view, we return their snap judgments back on them by using logic. Many "Politically Correct" ideals are based on a one-dimensional view of life and sometimes there's more to the view than the obvious. 

News On the FlipSide delivers breaking news each week. Also top stories from business, politics, health, sports, science and technology.
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